Datong County, one ring and three lines demonstration with the charm

for the promotion of the base construction, this year, Datong innovation strategy, expanding the scope, focus on the construction of "one ring and three line" building demonstration zone, a strong impetus to the development of rural industry, to create a new brand of grass-roots party building.

"one ring" demonstration area. Datong County will give full play to the advantages of the central location of the town center, in order to promote the economic and trade development as an effective starting point, to build a commercial and economic demonstration zone. In the surrounding villages through the development of industry, regulate education, innovation of Party construction measures such as the carrier, to create a number of known, stand, the connotation of the grass-roots party building new brands; carry out the working party members into the community "activities through in the surrounding communities, speeding up the exploration and the establishment and perfection of community party building, engage in activities and resources sharing mechanism, promoting community public service normalization; in the area of non-public economic organizations and social organizations through the expansion of the" four good support "," double promotion double strengthening "work practice, to further expand the coverage of the party organization; carry out the" four four "and" three activities to create training and double work the state-owned enterprises in the county Party organization, to improve the state-owned enterprise party organization cohesion and combat effectiveness.

three line demonstration zone. In accordance with the "one village one product, a village with a" train of thought, the county will be the Party branch construction and industrial development combine respectively in the East gap area, Chengguan area and outside Sichuan area to build the new rural construction party building demonstration zone, characteristic industrial building demonstration zone, the village collective Economic Demonstration Zone Three Party Building Party building demonstration zone, promote the formation of "branch + association + company + market" development pattern, the village economy drives the development of three areas, and play an exemplary role in promoting the economic development of other organizations at the village level. At the same time, in order to strengthen the village "two committees" of the work force, the county will send 20 -30 towns and counties twinning units outstanding young cadres to create the village office, to provide manpower for the promotion of rural economic development.


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