To promote the north south water project of the seven water quality of water will lead to the Nanchu

Nanchuan area residents drinking water quality is expected to be carefree! The reporter learned from the Xining water supply group, this year, continue to promote the "north south water project, a comprehensive upgrade of Nanchuan area residents, water content, improve the quality of the project this year will be fully put into construction, the project will lead the seventh water quality of surface water to the Nanchuan area.

according to the Xining water supply group chief engineer Zhou Min introduced, along with a large number of industrial enterprises in the surrounding built large residential area, Nanchuan Nanchuan Industrial Park area including water shortages, water distribution pipe of small diameter and dry gradually. Prior to this area has a water plant, Sanshui plant two waterworks water supply, but a water plant has been shut down, Sanshui plant only produces about 5000 tons of water per day, far from meeting the demand. This city from Huangzhong Liu Xiaozhuang water water supplement, water source area of Nanchuan, but Liu Xiaozhuang water is not stable, but also rely on rural water supply, from time to time will be discontinued, but also affected the normal water Nanchuan area residents. In order to effectively alleviate the Nanchuan area draft problem, last year the water sector new lake river passing pipe, the transformation of the Nanchuan area as part of network, the transformation of the city pressure station.

this year’s project will be carried out on the basis of last year’s works.

is because the north and south water diversion to the larger gap, Nanchuan area is difficult, along the way to go through the three pressurized it, so the annual project will be gradually implemented. This year plans to build a part of the project, from the North Sea to the brickyard road Nanchuan Lake Road and new road brick laying pipes, pressure station etc.. Water sector will actively seek financial support to promote the construction of the project. After completion of the project, Nanchuan area residents not only water no longer worry, tap water and drink better than now, is expected to. (author: small words)

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