Urban management departments to do a good thing Xining City North District 6 vendors have a home

in May 7th, 8, in a shop in Qilian Road West, selling vegetables Cui Deliang told reporters that he could not stand exposed to the weather do Jeeves vendors! No longer have to worry about the inspectors to clean up! Cui Deliang said, as he was fortunate in the past small vendors, there are 5 in the north of the city, which is their nemesis – urban management department to do good things for them.

It is reported that over the years, Cui Deliang

, Chen Mingcai and other small vendors, has been on the road in Qilian west of the stall selling vegetables on the sidewalk, the butcher, they also knew what he was doing, not only affects the appearance of the city and people walk. Especially built in Chaoyang overpass, the road pavement become very narrow, the narrowest point is only 40 cm, they knew stalls up, except for their own good on who is not good, but in order to survive, to the "rat and cat", a "guerrilla warfare" every day the small stalls.

recently, in the north area of governance Jeeves vendors, put forward the control and guidance and the work of thinking, in order to let Cui Deliang and other vendors at the lowest cost into the store, the person in charge of urban management department has 10 times to Qinghai pharmaceutical factory, the North District Hospital and other units, through the coordination and even intercede, finally the Cui Deliang hawker, with a monthly rent of 50 yuan, the stall to Qilian road 856 No. 12 shop room; let the other household food stalls before traders for many years in the bridge street, thus they can accept the rent by the stall into a shop. These have a home business told reporters, through the May day before the trial operation, they are more satisfied with their income.

The person in charge of the

in the north of the City District Urban Management Bureau said in an interview with reporters about, to find a reasonable way for Jeeves vendors, although they do not belong to their job duties, it’s hard to ensure that more vendors can enter the store, since it can be done, will the extra work done better. (author: Cui Yongqi)


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