Tibetan carpet feast

world a blanket, exotic style and colorful, fresh and pleasant plateau in summer, 2013 Chinese (Qinghai) international carpet exhibition also rujierzhi, today, south of the International Exhibition Center will be boiling again, friends all over the world gathered in the summer meet, came to attend the international carpet feast, art, exchange of experience, enjoy the show the broad and profound Tibetan culture, listening to the classic story of King Gelsall. This event is not only an economic exchanges and cooperation in the event, it is to show the world Qinghai profound culture exhibition, the beauty of Qinghai is open to every guests, welcome you to Qinghai summer! 2003, the provincial government vision, the Tibetan carpet into an industry to develop, ten years of efforts, and now the south of Xining, a world of Tibetan carpet has risen.

This year’s

Tibetan carpet exhibition, attracted the world’s 7 largest handmade carpet in a picture make light of travelling a thousand li came to Qinghai, wonderful carpet, exquisite artistry and exquisite Duixiu Thangka, Tibetan costumes, history of Qinghai Tibetan culture as the tide to people coming, Cook as the chairman of the world’s Handmade carpet Association said, 9 years ago, he came to Qinghai is not aware of Qinghai Tibetan carpet has the potential advantages so much. He is full of confidence in the wonderful national treasure, the Tibetan carpet. Qinghai Tibetan carpet has a unique Tibetan cultural and artistic style, which belongs to Qinghai, also belongs to the world. Qinghai is becoming more and more prosperous, and Xining is getting closer to other cities in europe. Not only will the Tibetan carpet, but through the people here, education, human feelings, the world has a better understanding of Qinghai, Xining.

every Tibetan carpets feast, let many domestic customers gain a lot of carpet, product sales, technical exchange, the exchange of experience, from Shandong, Ningbo, Jiangsu, Tibet and other places to carpet merchants to carefully build their own booth, they have put a blanket as a Tibetan carpet exhibition site skills competition event, whether manual woven carpet exhibition, gave them a platform, a chance to show the world their own brand.

carpet exhibition is not only open the door of the merchants exchange, but also to the people to provide a colorful visual feast, the eight exhibition will display "colorful carpet wonderful: domestic handmade carpets, woven carpet exhibition area; foreign handmade carpets, woven carpet, tapestry carpet boutique exhibition area exhibition area; Tibetan culture; exhibition area; exhibition of Tibetan carpet exhibition ten years; business service area; service area; catering leisure area. These galleries have their own characteristics, each has its own advantages. In addition to see the Tibetan carpet field manual, you can also enjoy the Persian carpets, carpet, India Nepal handmade carpets, woven carpet from Germany, tens of millions of dollars of "noble blanket to blanket woven several hundred yuan, each show creator virtuosity and wisdom. From ten years of development history of Tibetan carpets, people have clearly felt that the Tibetan carpet exhibition is not just an international professional exhibition, but also the people to participate in a grand event. (author: Fang Xu)

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