Seven promotional highlights spread positive energy

In 2013, Datong County propaganda and ideological work in accordance with the focus on the central task, closely around the county government center work, carry out Chinese Socialist propaganda and education, and promote the construction of socialist core value system, promote the theme, spread positive energy, the orderly conduct of the work, for the construction of "prosperity, harmony, ecological and livable" the new Datong provides a powerful ideological guarantee, public support and spiritual power.

publicity boost. Around the county Party committee and county government to determine the focus of the work, make full use of the central, provincial and municipal media, and vigorously promote the development of various social undertakings reported. A total of 1694 news releases were published throughout the year to achieve the best in history.

actively open up propaganda position. The first attempt to enterprise operation and the flowers will be seven games to create the atmosphere of working in Jingning Plaza and the operation of enterprise LAN installation group 5; published "Hehuang", "painting Jane’s rhyme" and "Datong Hehuang shadow" propaganda books, effectively enhance the soft power of culture in Datong county.

and carry out the construction of rural credit system. As of now, the county has selected civilization township (town) 3 credit, credit civilized village 21, civilization letter of 23112 users, the total credit civilized letter users reached 246 million yuan, the cumulative distribution of micro credit loans to farmers 450 million yuan.

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