Xining vegetable production this year reached 750 thousand tons

right now, it is a large number of local vegetable market season. Whether into the farmers market or supermarket, you can see the local dishes. The size of the field to wholesale trucks, but also stopped the market. This year, Xining is expected to vegetable production area of 310 thousand acres, with a total output of up to 750 thousand tons, self-sufficiency rate of production of up to 50%.

it is understood that this year, Xining agriculture department in accordance with the "steady grain income, strengthening the foundation and people’s livelihood", optimizing the stability of planting structure in the vegetable production as the "food basket project" the main content of construction and protection of urban and rural residents "livelihood projects" to grasp, vegetable varieties growing and yield improve the quality of. The key in the chase along the road, two new western "Yichuan Huang Nachuan line area, concentration of the new winter type energy-saving solar greenhouse, plastic greenhouse, and promote the transformation of the old greenhouse. In Xining three counties and one district (Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, north of the city) to establish a standard garden open vegetables 10. Huangzhong County, broccoli, cabbage, garlic bolt of purple cabbage base special standards based, Datong established cabbage, zucchini, carrots, chicken red onions standardized base mainly in Huangyuan, Zhangqiu, South Korea established green leaf spinach standardized base, North and suburban built standardized base of cabbage, carrot.

in recent years, with the help of accelerating the development of modern agriculture in Xining, the opportunity to create a group of local characteristics, leading role of modern agricultural demonstration zone. Has now formed a new pair along the road, Ning, Dong Xia River along the west of the railway line 3 vegetable industrial zone. (author: Wang Chunyan)

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