The summer is expected to send 2 million 450 thousand passengers

Two month Shuyun will opened on July 1st, June 26th, reporters from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to maximize the convenience of passengers during Shuyun, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will combine the actual passenger traffic rise and concentration, to open the train, adding the student ticket window, open Easy Access, to secure high-quality transport services, let passenger safety, convenience, warm travel.

this year Shuyun time from July 1st to August 31st, a total of 62 days. The Qinghai Tibet railway company according to incomplete statistics, during the summer is expected to send passengers 2 million 450 thousand passengers, an increase of 19.5%, passenger to travel flow, the flow of students and visiting flow, passenger flow peak concentrated in late July to early August, is expected to send 50 thousand passengers daily. The pull on the railway and Lanzhou high-speed rail operators, this year the Qinghai Tibet railway passenger Shuyun send total and average daily traffic volume will be higher than in previous years. In this regard, the transport capacity, ticketing, services, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company ready.Transport capacity:

– from July 1st to August 22nd, a day to open Lhasa to Shigatse Z8803 passenger train; from July 2nd to August 23rd, a day to open Shigatse to Lhasa Z8804 passenger train; on July 1st to 31, the daily opening line from Xining to D8901/2, D8903/4, D8905/6, Menyuan D8907/8 times EMU reconnection. In addition, according to the Qinghai and Tibet summer tourist season, the Qinghai Tibet railway company to take Guangzhou to Lhasa, Chengdu (Chongqing) in Lhasa to Xining Railway Station transfer Tibet passenger train, passenger transport capacity upgrade Shuyun tibet.

– ticket: Based on the improvement of the Internet, telephone and other channels outlets on the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in each station ticket windows open, and opened a 24 train ticket booking ticket, the main passenger station added student ticket window, to extend the booking time, Xining Railway Station, Golmud Railway Station 24 hour ticket, train train ticket, service information to passengers through electronic display.

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