Small and micro industrial enterprises become an important driving force for economic development in

Since the eighteen party

, small and micro industrial enterprises in our province has developed rapidly, the status and role in the national economy and social development has become an important force to promote the province’s economic development.

The survey data

NBS Survey Office in Qinghai recently released show: at the end of 2015, the province’s small and micro enterprises (including individual unit number 26010, the same below), the number of industrial enterprises accounted for 97.84%; total industrial output value of 96 billion 523 million yuan, accounting for 37.7%; the main business income of 77 billion 549 million yuan, accounting for 34.17%. In 2011 the "draw type standards for SMEs" re designated standard, the standard is: the number of workers in the post between 20 – 300 and the main business income in 300 yuan between 20 million for small businesses, number of staff 20 people or the main business income of 3 million yuan for micro enterprises to increase the micro enterprise standard. By 2015, the number of small and micro enterprises in our province increased by 16.37% annually, with an average annual growth of industrial output value of 17.91% (current price), significantly higher than the province’s economic growth rate.

distribution from the industry point of view, the province’s small and micro enterprises involved in 41 industrial categories in the industry of the 39. From the main business income, mainly in non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, electricity, heat production and supply industry, Agro food processing industry, non-metallic mineral products, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing. More than 70% of the industry’s main business income of more than five, reflecting the advantages of resources industry in our province.


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