Xining Social Security Bureau to optimize the certification model for the insured more convenient

"Aunt, hello! We are the staff of the Social Security Bureau of the city, the Double Ninth Festival is coming, we come to see you, listen to what you have to our work?" October 19th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of social security 3 staff with rice, oil, home to visit the 79 year old retired Shi Xiulan. It is understood that this is the city’s Social Security Bureau to facilitate the retirement of senior citizens to receive a pension certificate of a humane way. For the convenience of the insured people, enhance the service concept, change the style of work, the household registration management unit to different places, walking inconvenience of elderly retirees, take home visit in the form of pensioners qualification, do let me retirees in less run away.

to prevent impersonator pension, pension fund to ensure the safety, the Xining social security department every year to arrange for the elderly retirees walking companies visited certification. In order to make them less trouble, less foot, in recent years, the city continued to explore innovative and more simple, reliable and effective authentication methods. This year the city once again improve the authentication method. According to reports, this year’s pension certification approach is: the management of the enterprise retirees, must go to the management unit for certification; certification results are fully responsible for the management unit". To assist the certification form for enterprise retirees living in different places need to social security, residence to the city, district and county labor and social security agencies or workstation to assist the certification procedures, the retirees will assist in return: units of certification. Take priority and security registration information system compared to the non local retirees Management Units, the implementation of the "silent", community and social security agencies as visited authentication, no remote management unit of the retirees can be sent directly to the certification form "Xining Social Security Bureau retired management department (North District of Xining City, Zhang Ning Road No. 44), zip code 810003". City Social Security Bureau has organized staff on the 35 elderly people who are difficult to move to the home to visit the accreditation, and sent them a Double Ninth Festival greetings.It is reported that

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