Yesterday, Xining snow floating in the sky, the weather in most parts of the province will turn for

last night (November 13th) about two, Xining starts snowing in the morning, 7, the snow all over the sky, this is a significant precipitation I cover large areas of the province since the beginning of winter. The benefits of this snow is that the snow will wash away the dust particles in the air, reversing the situation in recent years, the provincial capital of poor visibility.

according to the Qinghai provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Jinong introduced, in November 13th, most of the province in addition to Haixi abroad were ushered in the snow, the snow center in Tongde County, snowfall of 3.1 mm, reach the snow level. As of 17 pm the same day, Xining snowfall of 0.8 mm, for snow. Due to the high temperature of the day in Xining, the amount of snow is not, so there is no snow. But in Hainan, Yushu, and other places are Haibei icy road warning signal, meteorological experts remind the majority of drivers through these sections, because the road is icy, snow caused by slipping, should drive carefully, vehicles with anti-skid chain. At present, the most serious in the snow area in Maduo County, by the recent snowfall, snow thickness has reached 11 cm.

meteorological experts, after the snow, today, in parts of Yushu, Golog will also have a small amount of precipitation, the weather in most areas of the province will improve, the temperature will rise slowly. (author: Wang Yalin)

a snowfall brings fresh air

November 13th, Xining re welcome snow. In the morning, walking in the street, a breath of fresh air from. This winter, let Xining air quality improved significantly. Monitoring data show that 13 to zero at 0:00 on the 14, Xining air quality is good.

November 9th, Xining ushered in the first snow of the winter. The snow effectively dispelled the dust. Affected by the snow, 10, Xining air quality has improved, the air quality index fell to its lowest point in a few days. Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau staff said that the impact of weather on air quality obviously, because the snow have a very good purification of air quality, not only will the pollutants in the air attached to the ground, the wind enhancement also accelerated the diffusion of air pollutants.

due to the presence of the snow, the provincial capital construction site, the road swept away dust pollution days, especially fresh air. (author: Zhao Junjie)

snow caused 325 flights outage

snow in November 13th, the province’s civil aviation and rail transport did not have an impact, but the impact of road transport is relatively large, more than the national, provincial highway sections of the road there is snow. November 13th, snow caused the province’s 325 shuttle bus outage.

reporter yesterday from the bus station in Xining learned that in November 13th, snowfall caused Xining to pull the chicken mountain direction, Xining Daban mountain direction, to Xining, Xining to the direction of Qingshashan mountain direction and Xining to Xunhua, Xining to Longhua bus stop. As of press time reporter, only to pull Xining chicken mountain;

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