Xining Municipal Audit Bureau cadres and workers to seriously study the important speech of Comrade

Qinghai Province in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development summary conference held in Qinghai Conference


Qinghai Province in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development summary conference held in Qinghai conference. Xining Audit Bureau organized all cadres and workers to watch the live broadcast of the conference. The meeting reviewed comprehensively, in-depth study of the achievements and experience of Scientific Outlook on Development practice activities, to mobilize the whole province to the study and practice as a new starting point to further implement Scientific Outlook on Development, to promote the construction of rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai.

provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial Party committee to study and practice the leading group of Scientific Outlook on Development Qiang Weizuo concluded speech, deputy director of the central fourth circuit inspection team made an important speech Mao Linkun.

Qiang Wei stressed that lasted a year and a half of the study and practice of vivid and specific characteristics of Qinghai, the mode of scientific development has accumulated valuable experience with practice. Party organizations at all levels in accordance with the "education of Party members and cadres, the scientific development level, people get benefits" of the general requirements, to continue to emancipate the mind, seeking truth and being pragmatic, make a practice of underdeveloped areas of the success of Scientific Outlook on Development "the practice of the carrier, to the leadership at all levels and Party members and leading cadres to focus on. To highlight the characteristics of practice, focus on strengthening the guidance, to promote co-ordination, in the majority of Party members and the masses of people to consciously participate in support, successfully completed the task of learning activities, improve their understanding, to resolve outstanding issues, innovative institutional mechanisms to promote scientific development, strengthen grassroots organizations and maintain the harmony and stability of the step the pace of new.

watch is completed, all cadres have said, to firmly establish the idea of a catch in the end, continue to carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, to further strengthen the implementation of the rectification responsibility, strengthen supervision and inspection, to strengthen the linkage of the batch, complete implementation of the rectification task. Combined with the reality of the audit, to further promote the development of Scientific Outlook on Development into a strong will and conscious action, a good economic guards to guard the local economy.




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