Strengthen management and expand services to promote the level of work, the level

March 16th, the Bureau organized all cadres and workers, seriously and systematically study to convey the Zhang Xinji seismological bureau director work conference in the province’s earthquake system do "to strengthen social management, pay attention to the efficiency of disaster reduction, and vigorously promote the comprehensive development of earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation" report on the work of the spirit. In the learning process, I earnestly reviewed the progress of "12th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year the city earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work and the existing problems, and according to the report "to clarify ideas, establish management limited, unlimited service, including the management of the service concept, strengthening social management, pay attention to the efficiency of disaster reduction." We had a heated discussion, how to strengthen social management through four aspects of monitoring and prediction, seismic fortification, publicity and education, emergency drills, society for the better and more wide to provide public services of new exploration.
after the meeting, I combine practical, new tasks and new requirements are put forward according to the work report, from the following four aspects of the focus of this year the Bureau conducted a re positioning, and then improve, push forward the city earthquake disaster mitigation work level. One is to strengthen the foundation, continue to optimize the city’s earthquake monitoring network, do a good job in the city’s 3 seismic stations (points), the full completion of the earthquake monitoring work. Two is strictly enforce the law, strengthen the legal system of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, accelerate the construction of the administrative law enforcement team of the three counties, improve the ability of administration according to law. To carry out the city’s key construction projects, lifeline engineering, personnel intensive public buildings seismic fortification requirements examination and approval. Three is to strengthen propaganda, deepen the publicity and education of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, innovation promotion mode, strengthen the propaganda and the conventional "seven" activities to improve the whole society of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction awareness and ability, at the same time, continue to promote the rural construction technology network construction and rural construction craftsmen training. The four is to strengthen the construction of emergency shelter, according to the requirements of the Xining emergency shelter construction plan, the city’s 26 hedge places to sort out, standardize the construction standards, and gradually improve the facilities. And promote the development of emergency drills in organs, communities.  


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