West Plaza will be built around the center of the business district

yesterday, the Xining Municipal Development Investment Fair will be held in the state owned land reserve project in the South City Convention and Exhibition Center, the province and outside the 20 merchants were invited to participate in the special promotion.

it is understood that, in accordance with the Xining City West District "12th Five-Year" plan, the west area will take Xinning square as the center, relying on the commercial pedestrian street reconstruction, limeng Xinning Square underground shopping city construction projects, create a set of well-known brands at home and abroad as one of the large-scale supermarket and city shopping center, and Wangfujing department store, grand department stores, Hualian Supermarket Thailand, department stores, department stores, department stores and other textile kuniyoshi, together constitute the center of the square ring sunning business district. Yesterday, the focus of the promotion of the Provincial Association of science and technology is located in the land of this commercial district.

yesterday to promote the meeting, Xining city launched a total of 9 in the total area of about 597 acres of land reserves, including the Provincial Association for science and technology block, xuezhou Sanrong block, Qinghai machine tool life area block, Begonia Park, Qilian road block on the east side of the railway between plots, plots, Nanchuan Road gas station Qinghai switch factory area, Jianguo Road B area and Kangxi road block.

it is reported that these land planning indicators involving commercial, commercial services, residential, gas stations, etc.. The plot is located in the urban and suburban areas, each with a unique location and natural environment, the market has broad prospects for development, investment appreciation potential. (author: Zheng Sizhe)

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