Xining’s first billion yuan in fixed asset investment

107 billion 900 million yuan – this is the end of October this year, the total amount of investment in fixed assets completed. This figure is very heavy, marking the first time the city’s fixed asset investment exceeded 100 billion mark, the size of the investment re innovation, to further optimize the economic structure of our city, enhance economic strength is of great significance. In recent years, in the face of the complex economic situation, the city continued to strengthen the role of investment, economic and social maintained a sustained and steady growth, Xining ushered in a new stage of accelerated development. In support of the provincial government, the municipal government on the development of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, to steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, and strive to reform as pioneer in the development for advanced features in the construction, the people are born as. The city human resources and development, give full play to the leading role of major projects, accelerate the construction of new countryside, new industrialization construction, infrastructure construction and other key livelihood projects, increasing investment in fixed assets, efforts to enhance the quality and efficiency of investment, provides a powerful impetus for the transformation of the city’s economy and development. According to statistics, as of the end of October, the city’s investment in fixed assets exceeded 100 billion mark, completed 107 billion 900 million yuan. At this point, from 50 billion yuan in 2011 to the current about 100000000000 yuan, the annual investment amount not only doubled, and "12th Five-Year" during the investment in fixed assets totaled 323 billion 300 million yuan, 300 billion yuan to complete the total goal of 12th Five-Year "plan in advance. This year, the municipal government to overcome the downward pressure on economic and other unfavorable factors, adhere to the investment growth goal without wavering, careful arrangements, implement the plan, to ensure the steady growth of investment in fixed assets, focusing on the smooth progress of the project. Of the party since eighteen, the state issued to further accelerate the construction of urbanization, promote the development of the central and western regions, a major strategic plan of building a moderately prosperous society and accelerate the implementation of the strategy, the construction of the eastern city of group, for the city to speed up development, has brought new opportunities to promote the growth of investment, the central and provincial investment to drive fixed asset investment in our city has played a key role, at the same time, our city with Scientific Outlook on Development taking on the city investment work, positive investment, attracting only a "Canary" enter, also makes the growing scale of investment. New development of the city will inevitably lead to the development of large cities. One hundred billion yuan investment in the city’s economic development to inject new vitality and vitality, accelerating the pace of urban construction, infrastructure capacity gradually increased. The first three quarters of the city’s infrastructure investment of $19 billion 890 million, accounting for infrastructure investment increased from 12.5% in the previous year to 21.4% in. In support of the investment in our city, optimizing the city spatial structure, accelerate the transformation of the old city and village shantytowns construction, comprehensively promote the whole train station comprehensive renovation, the Lake District core area, DOPA metro, Central Plaza financial business district, Jianguo Road business district and other key area of reform, city morphology changed significantly. At the same time, the urban traffic network has been gradually optimized, and the urban traffic environment has been improved significantly. The expansion of urban renewal and construction of the city’s effective investment in urban infrastructure construction;

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