The seventh China open day held in our province

9 20 April, sponsored by the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Qinghai, Haidong investigation team, Haidong Municipal Statistics Bureau and other departments jointly hosted the seventh session of the "Chinese statistics open day event held at the safe area of Haidong City, open this year on the theme of" agricultural census Fu to the farm ", the activities of the theme of propaganda third national agricultural census statistics, legal regulations and statistical investigation work.

the same day, the National Bureau of Investigation Corps of Qinghai in the eastern city of PingAn Railway Station square to street propaganda, statistical investigation into the community, theatrical performances, rural areas to carry out publicity and other forms of activities. To the public, rural farmers, Assistant Investigator issued "the fields of Statistics", "vegetable basket" and other books as well as the agricultural census statistics basic knowledge, statistical laws and other promotional materials, hanging banners in the streets, placing boards, electronic screen publicity, improve the statistics of open day activities influence the expansion of agricultural census the effect of publicity and statistical rule by law.

Qinghai National Bureau of Investigation Corps deputy chief Shen Hong introduced since 2010, the National Bureau of statistics decided in September 20th each year for the National Statistics open day, although each open day theme of statistics are different, but there is only one purpose is to publicize the statistical investigation work, to publicize the statistical laws and regulations, make the public more to understand the statistical investigation and understanding of statistical investigation work and life of people, is to allow more people to support and cooperate, participated in the survey, the survey department can obtain statistical survey data of objective truth, to provide a scientific basis for the party and government departments at all levels of decision-making, and serve the people’s livelihood.

12 month 31, the national census household registration work will be officially launched, from July to August this year, the province’s agricultural census of the crop area of the remote sensing work has been fully completed. Qinghai National Bureau of Investigation Corps by UAV, hand-held modern means of data acquisition equipment, has achieved true and accurate data of crop area, marks the province’s agricultural census began.


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