Statistics Department survey showed that the largest number of tourists in Gansu

February 1st, the statistics department, in 2009 to Qinghai tourists, the first Habitat in Gansu, Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong and other provinces have increased the number of tourists.

according to the travel agency introduced, in recent years, Gansu Province youth tourists both long term travel or short trips, are very active, organized into the green tourist volume increased year by year, at the same time, the beautiful scenery of Qinghai also attracted a large number of self driving tourists in Gansu. Many Gansu tourists choose to travel to Qinghai, one of the main reasons are: Qinghai and Gansu’s neighboring provinces, close only two hours to arrive in Lanzhou from Xining to take the crack, are very suitable for the long period of tourism.

some of the local characteristics of Qinghai tourism scenic area (spot) and "Qinghai Lake international road cycling race" and other major events, is the main reason for many tourists attracted domestic and foreign tourists to Qinghai. According to statistics, in 2009 the province received a total of 1108 foreign tourists?. 610 thousand passengers, up 22 over the previous year. 5%, of which domestic tourists? 1105?. 00 million, an increase of 22? 5%.

at the same time, in 2009, Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong and other provinces, increasing the number of tourists and the province’s strong tourism offensive inseparable. In recent years, the relevant departments of the province to Beijing and other major cities, the Yangtze River Delta and other key tourist areas to promote Qinghai tourism routes, brands, and achieved good results. The visibility of tourism in Qinghai Province, more and more high, Qinghai Lake, bird island, Kumbum Monastery, has become the atomic city attractions are influence at home and abroad.


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