What is the big Xining summer residents Garden community for residents to solve.

now has a holiday, in the middle of the street 38, the building of the family can not be blocked, and then look at the past." In October 7th, Xining City summer garden community director said anxiously Shang xiaofeng.

in the street 38 family building sewer often blocked 3 units, unit 8 households living in this miserable. 3 units on the first floor of the households is doing business, every time when the drains unblocked by their two expense, but this time, the two do not do.


" is so often not a matter of." Shang Xiaofeng said, looking at the water to run out, they feel suffocated. "The holiday, the total can not let the sewer has been blocking it." Shang Xiaofeng can’t see the past, personally looking for professionals to check the drainage pipe, a check to know, the original drainage pipeline pipeline aging, originally small is full of oil, the best way is to replace the pipe, but the cost of 4500 yuan, three unit 8 households share, they can agree? Shang Xiaofeng heart, so she came forward to bargain, the other side agreed to reduce the price to 2000 yuan. Shang Xiaofeng said: "most of the residents living difficulties, to convince residents to see the community staff run frequently not frequently."

in order to give the residents to do ideological work, the staff of the community to work on the street to run 38. Look at the staff of the community every day to run home, for everyone to do ideological work, the residents was finally moved, agreed to split the cost. Once the funding problem is solved, the rest will be easy. "This is solved, the heart of a stone on the ground." Shang Xiaofeng said.


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