ce art garden will end the people’s Park to open free

February 25th, the eighth session of the China summer ice art garden party ahead of the end. The day before, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, workers are dismantling sculptures. It is understood that the ice festival exhibited a total of 25 days, during the festival, ice adds a lot of festive and peaceful atmosphere, to the provincial capital at the same time, also attracted tourists inside and outside the province more than 25 people come to visit.

Chinese xiadou eighth Ice Art Fair has been held for eight sessions, has become a brand of Qinghai winter tourism, this year’s ice size is the best record in history, with nearly 5000 cubic meters of ice, with Chinese ancient history and culture for the creative elements show around Qinghai, local customs and practices the famous cultural landscape, and the integration of China traditional architectural art, sculpture art, landscape art, created an ornamental, interactive entertainment, in one of the snow art event, fully demonstrated the unique charm of Xining snow art, many tourists inside and outside the province has left a deep impression.

according to the staff, with the end of the ice art garden party, the people’s Park will once again open to visitors free of charge. At present, in order to ensure the safety of tourists and the spring greening work, people’s park staff are removing ice spots and garden lanterns, silk flowers, is expected at the end of this week. (author: Yang Jian)

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