Classified management of enterprises to implement drug retail

Provincial Food and Drug Administration recently issued a policy in the province to implement the classification and management of drug retail enterprises, and encourage the development of drug chain management.

the provincial food and drug administration to implement the requirements of the national drug safety "12th Five-Year plan", and actively work with the implementation of the newly revised "drug quality management standards", recently formulated the "Qinghai province grading classification and management of drug retail enterprises (Provisional)", drug retail enterprises in the province to carry out classification management, to further standardize drug retail business behavior, improve the drug market environment, promote the new revision of the "standards" pharmaceutical quality management certification, the scientific supervision concept as a guide, to protect the public drug safety for the purpose of encouraging the innovation of supervision, in accordance with the different situations of pharmaceutical retail business, division of pharmaceutical retail enterprise level, categories, and determined access standards the establishment of classification management mode, scientific and rational drug retail enterprises. At the same time, in order to further promote the province of drug retail enterprises to chain, standardization, scale, intensive development, make a supplement for the proportion of the number of practicing pharmacists, propose solutions and guidance, combined with our province, formulated the "Qinghai province to encourage the implementation of opinions" development of the drug chain business and other supporting documents standard.  

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