Eastern nine measures to urge educational activities

in accordance with the central and provincial Party unified deployment and work arrangements, the effective guidance of the steering group of the first party, elaborate organization, careful arrangements with the East District, progress, promote the overall development of the region’s educational practice, to ensure a good start, a good beginning.

focus on learning to improve, unified understanding of

in accordance with the "first step" requirement, take hold, the Standing Committee of District Central Group (expanded) learning and other forms of serious study to convey the central and provincial Party’s mass line educational practice summary and the first deployment of the second batch of the spirit of the meeting, the city’s educational practice mobilization meeting spirit, earnestly study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on education activities carried out a series of important speech, and through the "specials" and other forms of guidance and timely organize the "people’s Daily", "Qinghai daily" and other media commentator for the majority of Party members and cadres to learn, to further unify their thinking, enhance understanding, and enhance the ideological consciousness, political awareness and conscious action.

strengthen the organization and leadership, lay a solid foundation

to strengthen the organization and leadership of the party’s mass line of educational practice, founded by Party Secretary for the head of the district government district, deputy secretary of the Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department, propaganda minister, deputy head of the relevant departments and units responsible comrades as leading organization members, responsible for the education practice the activities of the organization and leadership, overall deployment and coordination, to ensure the implementation of activities towards the established direction.

set up offices, complete with strong strength

do the party’s mass line educational practice coordination work, in accordance with the "complete with strong staff", from the two office, organization, law review, education, publicity and other departments to deploy 13 party consciousness, good comprehensive quality and strong sense of responsibility of the comrades within the general office. Group and advocacy group, specifically undertake the daily work of the leading group, and timely allocation of office needs basic facilities, disbursement of funds 100 thousand yuan, the office of the work carried out smoothly.

elaborate plan, timely mobilization and deployment of

in accordance with the "high standards of planning, high level design ideas, drawn up in advance the implementation of the program activities, and as a" Spring Festival holiday homework assigned to all county-level Party cadres and departments responsible comrades to solicit opinions, further absorb opinions, enrich and perfect. The first municipal steering group and the municipal educational practice by the activities of the office to review the conference materials, consent, held in February 22nd East District educational practice mobilization meeting, ideological mobilization and deployment of educational practice. After the mobilization meeting was held, the District People’s Congress, the government, the CPPCC National Committee, the party has also developed a program of activities, mobilization, the successful completion of the district level mobilization work.

follow up supporting measures to provide system security

to strengthen the guidance of the work, reflecting the rigid constraints, the topic of the Standing Committee and the standing committee;

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