Preferential policies for investment in Xining

a general

first in order to implement the "emancipating the mind, reform and opening up, accelerate development, development strategy of Fumin", accelerate the pace of construction of Xining City, to attract domestic and foreign investors with funds, advanced technology and modern management mode in Xining City Economic and social development of the cause of construction, according to the national and Qinghai province relevant policies and laws, regulations, combined with the actual situation of Xining city inland open city, the preferential policy is formulated.

second this policy applies to foreign companies, enterprises, economic organizations and individuals as well as Taiwan, Macao compatriots and overseas Chinese in the Xining city investment, also is applicable to enterprises with foreign investment in the province and other provinces and cities in the territory of Xining city investment enterprises established (called foreign and domestic provinces and municipalities); autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, investors to invest in our city (referred to as business). Foreign investors and investors.

two investment and the proportion of

third investors in the territory of Xining can take the following investment:

1, the sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperative enterprise;

2, compensation trade, processing, assembling, technology transfer:

3, the "construction – operation – transfer (BOT)" project, "transfer – operate – transfer (TOT)" project;

4, purchase, equity participation, holding, merger, contracting, leasing operation of state-owned and collective enterprises in Xining;

5, joint investment, the establishment of special construction funds or investment companies;

6, according to the law to obtain land use rights, development and operation;

7, other investment permitted by laws and regulations.

fourth joint venture (cooperative) enterprise investment in general investors should not be less than 25% of the registered capital. Three investment oriented

fifth encourage investors to set up various types of production and operation enterprises in our city. Encourage the establishment of resources based on the province, with high technological content and value-added products enterprises; encourage the establishment of product export enterprises and advanced technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises.

sixth to encourage investors to set up, the construction and operation of the "vegetable basket" project, irrigation, land contiguous development, agricultural and sideline products processing and agricultural comprehensive development project.

seventh to encourage investors to participate in roads, bridges, power plant (station), heating, gas supply, drainage and other city infrastructure, urban renewal, real estate development, environmental protection, market construction and science and technology, medical, health, education, culture, sports and other social welfare undertakings and tourism and information services industry.

eighth to encourage investors to purchase, equity participation, holding, mergers, leasing, contracting, capital injection and other forms of state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises restructuring.

four fiscal, tax

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