Datong County Health Supervision and co management of health supervision and law enforcement clothin

in order to further implement the health supervision Association service project, in order to accelerate the construction of "health supervision, supervision of the payment function sinking sooner, to protect public health and safety", according to the unified planning, the principle of the original information integration. In July 1st, after the county health supervision and management staff official posts, the Health Bureau for the 64 health supervision and management staff to make a health supervision services, in August 27th allotted a surveillance service, chest card. Institute of health supervision in the county Comrade Zhao Guorong made arrangements for health supervisors dress discipline, work discipline and other aspects of health supervision and law enforcement. Wang Chenggong, director of the Ministry of health and food and drug administration to participate in the dress allotment ceremony, and do a good job in the work of grass-roots health supervision and coordination, civilized law enforcement, standardize the law enforcement and other specific requirements. After the end of the ceremony, the health authority handed over the daily hygiene and food and drug supervision of food and drug, public places, medical institutions, etc..


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