The province will be held from 1 to July industrial economic situation analysis

8 12, the provincial government held from to July, the province’s industrial economy will be analyzed. Vice governor Wang Liming presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.


meeting that from 1 to July, all localities and departments and units to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the provincial government decision to deploy, strengthen problem oriented, innovation initiatives, efforts to overcome difficulties, the province’s industrial economy is generally stable, better than expected growth, continues to run in a reasonable range.

meeting stressed that in the face of the complex economic situation, the various regions, departments and units to seriously judge the situation, keep a close eye on the annual objectives and tasks, a comprehensive grasp of the overall coordination of industrial operation. To further strengthen the power, transportation, capital and other factors of production to ensure the intensity of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, increase the technological transformation of enterprises, do everything possible to maintain stable operation of the industry. To fully grasp the work of industrial investment, accelerate the signing of the project will be the Green Fair landing, the initiative to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the process of landing the project, and actively cultivate new growth points. To continue to implement the structural reform of the supply side, the implementation of the relevant policies of the country and the province, go all out to help companies reduce costs, production capacity, enhance the vitality of enterprise development. To continue to carry out service activities into the enterprise, play a good foundation, the development of circular economy industries investment funds, coordination of financial institutions to increase credit support, improve the financing capacity, effectively prevent and mitigate various risks, broaden the corporate and project financing channels, to provide protection for the industry to maintain stable and healthy development of economy.


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