Qinghai Grand Theatre staged modern dance special dancers learn modern dance

Modern dance

Beijing LDTX modern dance performances (Chen Wenyuan photography)    

Modern dance

Qinghai News Network (the network reporter Chen Wenyuan     photo coverage) the evening of August 15th, the Qinghai plateau dazzling stars, Qinghai Grand Theater ended about · day road day "; dancing summer" dance performances, immediately launched the 2012 Chinese – Qinghai Xining international original dance and modern dance art festival exhibition program second the field of modern dance. Hongkong city contemporary dance company and the Beijing LDTX modern dance troupe of dancers, boarded in 2012 China – Qinghai plateau in the provincial capital Xining Qinghai Xining international original dance and modern dance festival stage, to display their talent, learn dancing, staged "modern dance art full of soul".

it is understood that the original ecological dance and modern dance festival in mind, Xining is relying on the unique cultural heritage and simple human qualities, with the art of dance through social influence, cultural connotation and artistic form, strengthen dialogue in Xining and the world, to promote Xining’s natural scenery, historical charm and ethnic customs customs and humanities is widespread in the world. At the same time, through the simple atmosphere and modern dance art spirit from the elegant verve, looking for the continuation and potential of human civilization, which is where the dance art festival "dance dance heritage quest source context purpose significance.

Qinghai is one of the birthplaces of the original ecological dance in China, and the art festival relies on the deep cultural background of Xining. Dance, as the earliest art form of human being, breaks through the language barrier, surmounts the region and the time and space, records the human life, inherits the human civilization. Xining as a country with 34 ethnic minority areas, the original ecological dance elements each other, the vigorous development of modern dance, walk the streets and lanes, everywhere a variety of forms, the masses ebullience dance entertainment, to fully display the profound connotation of Xining culture and the "summer in Xining" the unique cultural charm. Xining is an important birthplace of primitive dance, early in the Neolithic Age in the plateau land on live humans love dance art collection in the Museum of history, China five "dance of the painted pottery basin" is the best witness to history.

The activities

the festival includes four aspects, namely the international original dance and modern dance festival performances, international academic forum, "dance source style" and "dance of mass cultural activities and the source of folk songs. During the festival, in addition to dance performances, will also organize the domestic and foreign experts and scholars held the famous dance "International Academic Forum original spirit" original ecology and modern dance of life and soul cry — dance, to form ";

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