Qinghai Tibet Plateau has the capacity to produce V gasoline products

as of November 2nd, V Golmud refinery gasoline product quality upgrade project successfully put into operation, and stable operation of 10 days, the smooth production of qualified products, marking the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has the ability of producing country V gasoline products.

Golmud refinery is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, which is responsible for supporting the economic development of the two provinces and regions of Qinghai Tibet, supporting the construction of national defense, and protecting the production of plateau. In the face of a series of new requirements in recent years, ecological civilization, ecological province, the new environmental protection law and the new situation, Golmud refinery has always been to the construction of circular economy as the goal, constantly optimize the refining and chemical production run, to produce clean energy products, boosting economic development and environmental protection of Qinghai Tibet plateau.

country V gasoline quality upgrading project of Golmud refinery in 2016 key construction projects, the unit is completed and put into operation, the sulfur content of gasoline by about 150ppm below 10ppm will successfully achieve gasoline products from country to country V IV qualitative leap.

the project began construction in May this year, in October 15th to achieve the delivery. During the construction, the plant scientific organization, overall arrangement, strict construction safety, quality and progress, to ensure the project completed on schedule. At the same time, ahead of the organization to carry out the device before the preparation of the work and the operation of the feed before the safety conditions and other work to ensure a successful driving. October 25th, the device cited raw oil into operation, in October 27th to produce qualified products.


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