Wang Jianjun visited the north and south of the Xining mountains afforestation project construction

Manshan popular, cenglinjinran. On the afternoon of October 20th, Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, inspected the construction of greening projects in Xining. Vice governor Yan Jinhai accompanied inspection.

in the north and South Mountain Green command center in Xining, Wang Jianjun watched the work wall and the honor of the wall, a detailed understanding of the construction of the north and South Xining greening project and the achievements made over the years. He pointed out that ecology is the most valuable wealth that can be enjoyed for generations. Over the years, the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the work of the green mountains, especially the older generation leaders made a great contribution. Through years of afforestation, North and south of the forest coverage rate of 75%, close to Fujian, Jiangxi and other provinces, which is in front of the province’s forestry workers command, green is inseparable.

in the north and south of the Xining mountains and one or two green forest, forest Beishan Nanshan provincial "three" intelligent control center, Wang Jianjun listened to the work report of the north and south two hill greening project investment and construction, the greening area and the monitoring points, asked in detail about the autumn and winter forest fire prevention, Ranger wages and pest monitoring etc.. He stressed that it is not easy to plant a tree, but it is not easy to manage a tree. All relevant departments should keep abreast of the situation of North and south mountain geological disasters, respect the laws of nature, strengthen the emergency plan, to do an important node of the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, ghost festival and other comprehensive fire prevention work, to ensure that no major disaster, let North and south mountain into Xining’s "green lungs".

drove up the hill, Wang Jianjun went to the national network of Qinghai electric power company Xining power supply company in Beishan area, green power company monitoring points, Wang Jianjun understood the company greening and other relevant circumstances, to listen to the arrangements for the deployment of fire prevention work. In recent years, the power companies to support the work of forestry and land greening in Xining, Xining development and ecological civilization to make contributions to the construction of fully affirmed. He pointed out that both the north and South Mountain greening is a very important work of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, but also at all levels and departments of the responsibility of greening work. North and South Mountain greening work has been more than 30 years since the beginning of the last century in 80s, over the years, the old leadership and the staff of the Forestry Department of greening, landscaping Xining made a great contribution. He stressed that the responsibility to use land and green hills, information science and technology means to improve the green management and disaster prevention level, make trees grow in the process of pest monitoring and prevention of fire prevention work in the disaster, not fire, fire in the bud, to lay a good battle, for the province to add more and more beautiful green.


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