Xining tourists from outside the province driving passport

In December 10th, Lanzhou Land Rover car owners Mr. Qin received unexpected benefits: a beautifully crafted "Xining ZiJiaYou passport", hold the "passport" can enjoy discount and discount in the main attractions of Xining mountain, Xining wild zoo, Chahansala River scenic attractions and many star hotels, farmhouse music and specialty stores. The reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism, active winter tourism market in Xining City, Xining City Tourism Bureau and innovative ideas, 10000 copies of the "Xining ZiJiaYou passport" to the province of high-end tourists accurately issued, the holder to enjoy preferential, will greatly enrich the Xining self driving tour tourism market.

why issued "Xining ZiJiaYou passport"? Xining City Tourism Bureau responsible person, driving with free, convenient, personalized and unique charm, has become an important part of tourism products, heavy city to Xining xiadou node as the Silk Road East and South Chinese’s first northwest style self driving tourism gold line, more and more tourists. Issued by the "Xining ZiJiaYou passport", promote Xining self driving tour development of new formats, increase the quality of scenic area propaganda, attract more overseas tourists to travel in Xining, to further establish the Xining tourism brand image. To promote Xining driving domestic and foreign influence and attractiveness in integrated marketing mode, promote the development of self driving tour, to attract tourists to winter tourists to Xining tourism, in order to achieve the multi area, expand the tourist scenic spot, improve social and economic benefits of the role.

"Xining ZiJiaYou passport" how to use? According to reports, the provincial foreign tourists passports issued, take a car to a photo, namely each of the corresponding driving a driving license and passport free tickets to a person, use to produce consistent driving passport and passport registration and license plate number of the vehicle driving license to be effective. Self driving travel passport only listed in the passport in scenic spots, not limited to the number of valid for two years (October 1, 2015 to April 30, 2017), where the licensee to the designated scenic tour enjoy free tickets discount, other tourists do not enjoy preferential counterparts. Passport appearance and the overall shape of the international common passport form, not only to meet the tourism activities in scenic spots and other concessions, but also to meet the collection, signature, record feedback and other needs.

with this special passport, Mr. Qin has done with his family to the west;

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