Xining City West District construction industry Party Building Joint Commission to promote the work

this year, the province’s first industry Joint Committee Party – Xining City West District Party committee construction industry combined with along the four to promote a new model of six "party building work, and actively carry out the" grasping party brand "activities related to team management, to promote party building in Party building and promoting industry development and promoting social progress in the party building realize, industry, economy and society harmonious development.

It is reported that

, West District Construction Industry Building Joint Working Committee established, through the integration of resources and interactive linkage industry administrative departments, property management companies, construction companies and real estate development enterprise party organization construction, built along the four to promote a new model of six party ". "One" refers to an organizational platform. That is: West District construction industry Party building joint working committee. To develop industry is mainly responsible for planning the work of Party building, Party Building Research and deployment activities; "four" refers to four branches. That is: West District construction bureau Party committee, the property management services company Party committee, the construction enterprise party committee, the real estate development enterprise party committee. Mainly responsible for the organization of the party building activities within their respective industries, "six" refers to the work of the Joint Commission to promote the work of the platform of the six specific. Namely: the organization construction, the Party member education, the safe production, the civilized construction, the dispute mediation, the service promotion six concrete work. Through the "four to promote the six", and strive to play the role of the party organizations in the industry and the role of the fighting bastion, effectively promote the safety production, civilized construction, property management, urban construction and other work.

September 25th, the Party committee jointly convened within the jurisdiction of the construction units, property management units held in order to "celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, Qing Guoqing, eighteen; Party building, tree brand, build the new West" as the theme of the theatrical performances. Joint Working Committee condolences to the scene for the western part of the contribution to the construction of outstanding party members. And to the event as an opportunity to further promote the party building, promoting brand activities. (author: Xiao Shu)

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