Learn advanced drum drive heart development trust

The morning of June 12th, according to the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, the municipal government organized four groups, county Party, municipal departments responsible comrades of the scene to observe the Green Fair, and held "to learn advanced shortcomings, drum drive" as the theme of the forum to watch. Mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that the Green Fair is our national provincial and city class, is an important platform for our inspection work, summing up the work, but also our planning work, go all out of the gas station. In advanced study, find the gap, we need to think about others are doing better than we are, how we can do better than others, to establish self-confidence, self-confidence development work, summon the development drive, a new development plan.

at the scene to observe the meeting, city leaders Yan Shujiang, Bi Xiaoning and Xu Guocheng were informed of the city’s investment, 1-5 months of economic operation, assessment indicators of progress, Wang Yubo made a comment. He stressed that one should learn from the advanced. Learning the concept of scientific development, the pursuit of quality and efficient development. Efforts to promote the construction of the platform, high-level planning and organizing the implementation of various types of Park construction. In the realization of the integration of production and work, in urban construction management efforts to make our city safer, more beautiful, more civilized. Two to find the lack of meditation. To fully realize that the gap in the development of the city is reflected in the market concept, the lack of awareness is not strong enough, reflected in the difficulties, difficult to break tough enough, embodied in the hard work, selfless effort is not strong enough. Leading cadres at all levels must have the official term for the benefit of one party’s mission, to have a good work done without anxiety responsibility, reflected the pursuit of life for the people’s well-being. Three to do a good job of investment. Investment is an important part of government work, an important responsibility. To the task of attracting investment, the responsibility of the layers of decomposition to implement specific departments, specific personnel, sound investment work network, and effectively increase the inspection and assessment, give full play to the leading role of the government. To co-ordinate efforts to accelerate investment and deepen reform. In order to accelerate the deepening of the reform of investment forced to deepen the reform to promote the deepening of investment. Constantly optimize the investment environment, to achieve full range of non blocking services, efforts to reduce the cost of business investors. To be diligent and honest as an important investment soft environment, correctly handle the relationship between the positive with the merchants dealing with and hold the bottom line. Four to develop their energy, and resolutely overcome the tendency is not official. The city is important to the strong consciousness of striving for excellence and be enthusiastic and press on as adhere to accelerate development, do not shake, do not slack off, this year’s work will be good, do good, excellent achievements. At the same time, to further improve the assessment mechanism of leading cadres, let dry out performance by reusing, let mediocrity, sinecures;

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