Xining registered urban population reached more than half the proportion of 55.3%

Up to now, Xining has 166 thousand farmers to complete the transfer of work, the proportion of the city’s household registration of urban residents by the previous 47% to improve the proportion of up to 8 percentage points, reaching 55.3%. In August 30th, a reporter from the city reform office was informed that from now until the end of next year, the city will have been identified in accordance with the cancellation of villages in the city, the suburban village of the overall objectives and requirements, and strive to advance the completion of the three years of the agricultural population transfer in 500 thousand, the city’s urban residents reached 70% of the target population.

17 million households basically completed the target

the city’s new round of reform of the household registration system since the start of 2012, the user has made a breakthrough in the work of change. Especially from January to August this year, the city at all levels of family change work leading group, elaborate organization, and comprehensively promote the "urban village", "Three Village" and other basic landless farmers transfer is the focus of the reform of the household registration system, there are 166 thousand farmers turn into citizens, issued by the village collective economic organizations license 54 thousand the village has changed, households established residents committee 6, basically completed the target to determine the beginning of the family.

two highlights the dual identity of urban and rural

in 2011 to start my existence of the reform of the household registration system, the municipal government issued a "city in the urban (rural) village" as the breakthrough point, to promote the implementation of the whole village, the implementation of urban and rural policy of benefiting double parallel, establishment of phase separation and the household registration system of identity of the peasants, and gradually realize the reservation confirmation system the natural transition six households change new ideas and measures. This means that after the transfer of farmers to a person holding the "Xining village collective organization membership card" and "resident booklet" two proof of identity, the innovation of these systems to safeguard the interests of farmers to turn households.

farmers enjoy good policy change on

municipal government to households changed into the 2013 project for the tangible things, family change, combining the reform work and the construction of new countryside, to solve the problems of farmers, rural employment problems, and strive to improve the level of urbanization. To increase the employment of migrant farmers training, 7000 households to change the village labor free employment skills training. At the same time the users change the overall design of Xining into the overall development plan of construction projects, increase the users change the village infrastructure investment, completed 131 renovation of the village households changed and 93 places and three centralized village building. (author: Sheng Nan)


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