Xining Federation of industry and Commerce and the Xining branch of the Bank of China jointly organi

7 9 afternoon, City Federation of industry and Commerce and the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch China jointly organized the Xining area private enterprise loan association. Wang Zhiqiang, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China Survey and statistics department director and more than 30 private enterprises attended the meeting. Meeting chaired by Zheng Weidong, director of the Ministry of industry and commerce.

Wang Zhiqiang, director of the first to introduce the purpose of holding this meeting: the convening of the forum is to seek private enterprises to bank loans policy advice, private enterprises in our city to further increase the intensity of services, expand service means, to help private enterprises to solve the financing problem, accelerate the development of non-public economy in Xining city more fast and healthy. Qinghai Tianlu Dairy Co. Ltd., Qinghai Dasheng silicon industry limited company, Qinghai China Science and technology Cci Capital Ltd, Xining New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Qinghai wire and cable Co. Ltd., Xining Beichuan Coal Industry Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jiang Heyuan cement limited liability company, the responsible person of the enterprise according to their own actual business, focusing on the outstanding problems restricting the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in Xining and held a forum to promote the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in Xining. Entrepreneurs believe that: there are still many problems in the development of SMEs, the most fundamental is the financing difficulties. To make full use of the existing financing channels, bank loans to private enterprises financing, should adopt a positive attitude, screening better growth or the credibility of the enterprise, from the coastal areas of flexible and effective alternative ways to help enterprises to solve the financing difficulties; as enterprises to strengthen and standardize management, improve the transparency of financial information. Actively cooperate with the banking supervision, provide a good preparatory work for the loan. The enterprise puts forward the problems and suggestions, director Wang Zhiqiang said: after the meeting, the meeting will be reflected in everyone’s problems and suggestions in a timely manner to reflect the higher authorities, to solve the financing problems of private enterprises as soon as possible.

finally, comrade Xiao Lin said in his speech, in recent years, the city’s ownership structure to diversify, individual, private and other non-public sectors of the economy has been rapid development. 2007, the city’s non-public economy added value of 105. 2 billion 300 million yuan, accounting for the city’s total GDP of more than 2006, an increase of 2.01 percentage points higher than the province’s total of 3.40 percentage points higher than in. Xining accounted for the proportion of the province’s non-public economy added value reached 50.71%. The rapid development of non-public ownership economy has strongly supported the sustainable growth of the national economy and injected vitality into the development of Xining’s economy. The forum of the bank and the two sides sit face to face, mutual communication, mutual understanding, to solve the private enterprise financing way, provides a good platform for enterprises and banks, economic and financial development and win-win. Federation of industry and Commerce will continue to support the development of non-public ownership economy in Xining, in order to promote the development of Xining’s economy to achieve leapfrog development.

participants generally reflect the business representatives, the City Federation of industry and Commerce and the bank held the forum for the development of private enterprises need to solve the problem of ideas, think;

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