The Tenth China nternational Folk Art Festival will be held in Xining in August 8th

reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, to "develop folk art, promote friendship and peace" as the theme of the Tenth China International Folk Art Festival will be held in Xining from August 8th to 13. At that time, more than 260 artists from more than five artists from all over the world will participate in the activities of more than 12 countries.

it is reported that the Chinese Art Troupe in terms of country, in South Korea, the United States, South Africa, Mongolia and other arts festival regulars on the basis of the new Kyrgyz, Finland, Mauritius and Fiji and other new faces. The vast majority of art troupes are the first to participate in the international folk art festival. The art troupe has distinctive characteristics, different styles, including Mongolia national song and dance troupe, the Kyrgyz national model Dance Troupe, Argentina "Escalante Room" band and other national art troupe, Finland also has a "star told" Girls Choir, South Africa garage Dance Troupe and other budding grass-roots art group etc..

During the

Art Festival, the performance of the art troupe is mainly based on the national folk dance and music. The festival will give full play to the role of international and civil and nationality, mass characteristics and advantages, through meticulous organization, create mutual understanding and exchange skills stage for Chinese and foreign artists, to build a platform for the artists into the masses, and the masses of communication, for the rich spiritual and cultural life, maintenance and development of the world’s cultural diversity contribution strength.

It is reported that

, Chinese International Folk Art Festival is approved by the State Council, to promote friendship between peoples and world peace, development and exchange of national folk art, to enrich and enliven the cultural life of the masses, show China innovation and the establishment of the international art and cultural exchanges, CO sponsored by a City Chinese Federation of the United Nations. From the beginning of 1990, held every three years, has been successfully held nine sessions.


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