Xining city construction practice such as the day two mountains like drawing strong and wonderful su

This is a blend of ancient and modern, stylish and simple to showcase the city; this is a wisdom and vision, embracing civilization and harmonious city. Today in Xining, a new city linkage in the picture with city construction, city management of the atmospheric fine, infiltration, city culture with city civilization nourishment, is a little bit to describe the infinite charm of a modern, civilized and harmonious city. As of the end of 2011, the city’s total population reached 39.56% of the province’s total population, the city’s total economy reached the province’s total economic output of 46%. Livable, appropriate industry, should travel, pleasant conditions to better serve the province of Xining, more confident to walk in the forefront of the province’s economic and social development. Xining is its city construction atmosphere, livable green, humanities environment, city master’s confidence and affinity of the comprehensive strength of excellence, attracting attention from all sides. Some people say: all the way forward all the way to the song, Xining is taking a vigorous pace, the most handsome posture towards the future –

if you practice Huangshui River torrents, it casts a thousand beams. chaoyang.Sixteen

services in accordance with the "strong, Xining province", to further deepen the understanding of the situation, the province of Xining, according to the natural resources and development characteristics, together with the economic and social development of Xining with the further planning of the development path of Xining opening, entrepreneurship, development, harmony, Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government scientific orientation is proposed, look far ahead from a high plane, "to build a people’s satisfaction with the life of the city the city of happiness" goal. Unswervingly adhere to the leadership of the party, the banner of wisdom, strategy, pragmatic orientation, encourage hard work, to the refinement of the ideas and methods of construction and management of the Xining fine city on the road of scientific development, to create a development miracle.

powerful pen to draw the blueprint, with new art. Into the life of the city to the city of happiness, the key stage in Xining today has entered the industrialization speed, city promotion, market transformation, innovative ideas, the courage to open up the city, seize the province’s "four zone with great opportunities to promote the line and to Xining as the core of the construction of the eastern city of group, to accelerate change the mode of economic development, to promote the" four development "as the main path, an important method to" four principles ", strengthening the" unified three "development strategy, and gradually enrich and perfect the" prosperity by industry, by the beautiful building, livable by management "," the people’s livelihood and building a business "the concept of planning, at a higher level;

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