Clean store environment can get the favor of customers

if a store, the customer is not in the shop, we think the environment is very dirty and messy and not willing to patronize this store, also talk about what long-term development? Therefore, the clean business environment can attract the attention of customers, in their minds to leave a deep impression, thereby increasing the visibility of the store, to achieve the purpose of selling goods. We have a lot of retail customers on the store environment is very clean and tidy, but ignored the environment outside the store.

we see the billboard outdoor retail customers name some careless is not "missing", is a long time fade is not clear, there’s simply bad also nobody, nobody asked, like here has been good for many years no one cleaned the same. The external environment can hardly attract the attention of the operator, but from these aspects, it is clear that an operator’s business philosophy and attitude towards "God".

in fact, the customer seems to be very sensitive to these seemingly insignificant little things, there are many people who will start from these small, thin place. Sometimes, it is because of your negligence, but in the eyes of the customer left a bad impression, so that the loss of sales opportunities.

is the second appearance neat, some retail customers to engage in promotion, publicity, often advertised on walls or windows above, long East, west one, like "psoriasis" like, not only destroyed the whole environment, and damage to the shop, store appearance.


other is outside the shop on the ground of health, as the store traffic, many pedestrians, and dander, wrapping paper also can hardly be avoided, as a manager, you should always ensure outside environmental hygiene, wash clean, often finishing, especially in front of the stacking of goods, customer turnover the chaos to finishing location in time, otherwise the Dan not to the purpose of publicity, but play a negative effect, increase customer’s bad impression.

good store image should be concise and fluent, give people a fresh, simple and clean feeling, so as to cause the attention of customers, a good impression.

a lot of retailers in the daily operation of the process of the environment is also very seriously, but did not form a systematic understanding. And through the introduction of the above small series, I believe we can really see that the business environment for the sale of goods and the impact of customer shopping mood. In this work, we must not ignore the customer side of the retail business, but also in the commodity business people, the environment is good, the customer to buy your goods, so you can do good business, to achieve sustained and healthy development, get more profit.

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