College students do not blindly choose Entrepreneurship

is now an entrepreneur is a participation of the whole thing, whether in the city or in the countryside, related activities and the topic is bustling about the government and individuals It is often seen.. In the face of another round of graduating college students, the employment pressure is heavy, the latest survey shows the employment status of 2009 students, nearly 50% university students worried about future employment, 70% graduates should consider employment first selection, at the same time, the graduates expected salary reduce?? graduate undergraduate is approaching. Therefore, college students start their own business is the focus of attention. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity, many college students are full of expectations. A lot of college students just graduated from the dry, do not open the company to find the project, between the campus in a lively.



In fact, the central

is a diversified business or stick to the point? In the course of business, the college students is difficult to grasp, even in business, success and failure cases are the same, the development of the people like the left and right hand, some day management is the person’s character, southpaws, environment and experience for him to engage in diversification, but some people, is not suitable, engage in a die, in this regard, the market is not NDA>

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