Three directions for entrepreneurship in 2015

this is a rapidly changing era, the change of growth market also emerge in an endless stream, want to seize the business opportunities, we must first understand the current business direction. 2015 three entrepreneurial direction, is your direction to get rich.

2015 entrepreneurial direction: creative industry

in the global creative economy has long been regarded as a new economic growth point. In China, the development of cultural and creative industries from central to local support policies have been introduced. In 2009, the gem kicked off, a part of cultural and creative enterprises to fruition, truly to the creative industry entrepreneurs unlimited imagination. In the very influential in the creative industries, entrepreneurs will get more opportunities for innovation and development. The three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, which applies to the entrepreneurial industry, the field of choice on the same. Entrepreneurship is not speculation, the principle of choice in the field of entrepreneurship is: like the industry, in this industry have the feeling, no matter how tired feel happy.

2015 entrepreneurial direction two: personalized, family service

especially first-time entrepreneurs, to service industry as the starting point. Along with the people to enhance the quality of life requirements, in the future, personal affairs, family affairs "outsourcing" is to represent the general trend, flexible to provide all kinds of professional and personalized service of entrepreneurs will find the development space in which. Inc has selected the future will have great development space and business opportunities in ten industries, the home health care industry, personal financial advisory industry and childcare services industry list. Recently, investors have begun to favor the service industry.

2015 entrepreneurial direction three: green, environmentally friendly

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