You do not know those who join the venture inside

investment shop business, competitive pressure, joined the chain industry is also true. If you want to join the chain industry to have some understanding of the industry, to know the little-known insider information inside the industry, so entrepreneurship is more sure.

Is the

and franchise outlets are two kinds of the consumer terminal main mode, Zhiyingdian directly provided by the manufacturer, and stores are manufacturers recruit the interests of the community. Two the relationship between them is like a half brother, good may very well, but most stores seem inevitably some bumps, become friends. Why is this so?


1, price conflict.

2, goods conflict.

in the display of goods stores often has more advantages in resources, to maximize the display of all products company. In this regard, the sales force is stronger than the franchise. Especially some tight goods dominate, stores tend to have more active.

3, image, service and concept of conflict.

Zhiyingdian can direct interpretation of the philosophy of the company, show the company’s brand image and service specification, and stores in some of the aspects of the performance is relatively deficient to. Lead to two types of terminals can not be unified and harmonious.

4, artificial contradictions.

some outlets management personnel and the franchisee is very easy because of their own interests and stood on the opposite side, generated some other contradictions.

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