Treatment of customers can not blindly no principles

because the customer is God, because the customer is our God, against the customer, may let the store business to develop, it is because of holding such a mentality, now many shopkeepers on customer is really no principle, what customers want, is just a meet. In fact, as a retailer, will meet the customers every day of every hue, some customers for goods and, some customers even if we buy cheap goods they also said that our price is expensive. In the face of critical customers we must control emotions, even if the heart can not attack the gas, or simply choose to silence them, or in a calm mood to explain the euphemism to customers.

as the operator, have a broad mind to tolerate various customer prick, the so-called said: Prime Minister belly, refers to the person to be generous and open-minded, others will be compassionate. But I, after several customers from the business even understood is not critical to customers without principle, they have come up with any mercy, for effective solutions to customer service, not to offend customers, also can not let the customer "unbridled", so as to maintain the dignity of the customer. We also preserve the legitimate interests of the owner.

this period of time, there is a young customer often come to my shop to buy cigarettes, areca, drinks and other commodities. I’m curious about the customer’s presence, because the customer is an employee of an electronics factory 100 meters away from my store. While he was at work downstairs on the first floor is a two hundred or three hundred square meters of supermarket, commodity varieties more than my shop, why would he detour to visit my shop? I doubt. But want to think, can not be a straight line to ask the customer the reason.

series of 10 days to the customer at least to buy things, I told him in the course of contacts, but also more and more familiar with, and are grateful for his dedication. The day before yesterday at noon he had come to my shop, into the store and picked a pack of 5 dollars a pack of areca and 18 yuan a pack of Yellow Crane Tower (soft blue) ", and then asked me in the freezer have Dongpeng special drink beverages.

I replied with a smile inside the freezer iced Eastroc drink, I opened the freezer and warm to him: "dude, now this Eastroc special drink beverage bottle is very affordable, a two-dimensional code, you will have a surprise sweep using a mobile phone WeChat oh! There is a cash red envelopes, I swept to a 0.88 yuan a red envelope yesterday, if the label on the bottle thank you taste no, this is a lot of surprises, as well as a large red envelope of $8.8!"

I see customers eager to introduce, also to the interest, triumphant smiles: "I know that this is a surprise bonus, I have several times in the 8.8 yuan a red envelope, and buy areca in several times the value of 25 yuan a pack of furongwang!" Listen to the customer say so, my good intentions are

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