What are the marketing strategies of the cake shop

is now very much on the market cake shop, but not every business can be very popular, some stores due to the operating methods of improper management very difficult, today Xiaobian to tell you what business cake shop? What marketing strategies should be able to easily make money?

Fresh food is

Qi fragrant cake shop in an east-west street, South Street is the most of the owners have been living in the area, the South Street is a row of shops deshang. Cake shop business strategy, this street is not prosperous, but the rent is high, less than 30 square meters of stores, monthly rent of more than 7000 yuan. In fact, on the other side of the street there are shops rental, more than and 40 square meters of monthly rent is $7000 store. Cake shop business strategy, Wang Qi had two stores in the choice of a long time. What is required to open a cake shop? But she soon discovered another street store while also facing a large area, but that is the opposite of the district is relatively old, and this district for the convenience of vehicle management, so the door will be divided into the entrance and exit of the shops facing Wang Qi fancy just export. Cake shop business strategy, in her view, the entrance is not as good as the entrance, a lot of people can choose to go home from work when some cakes, and will not go out to buy cakes to carry.

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