What are the difficulties of community commerce

open a community shop, to provide services to the residents of the surrounding community, but also to obtain a high degree of recognition, such a business seems to have good prospects for development. However, in fact, many of the community business is very difficult. In fact, the business has great difficulties, small and small is not easy. The business community, with distinct characteristics, difficulty is also very obvious:

1, customer group limited

so-called customer group limitations, there are two meanings:

one is its own business boundaries. The boundary of the range, because the community closed and open degree and different, extroversion type, middle type and introversion type each definition, after the road, a river, an intersection, the customer may partition, transfer or loss, even if the merchant can expand the scope of business through online pan, but from the conventional total increment of passenger flow the contribution is limited, so Fengnianguojie, passenger broke strength and duration is very limited, the plain is commonplace.

two is a structural limitation. For companies want to strive to expand the so-called high-end customer base, young customer base, once the essence of the business and the positioning of dislocation, customer price is often very difficult to upgrade, the operation of the micro improvement often have little effect.

on the other hand is the change of business customers, the community, the early growth stage and mature stage and stable stage in the consumer structure, 5 changed obviously, therefore, the research on community shop total population, population structure, the quality of consumption is very important for the business site, it is difficult to avoid a!

2, the cost is not low

for many companies, the development of community stores, the strategic objectives, but the availability of property has hindered the development of a number of business community business ambitions. Le City seems to have said that the great leap forward development goals, seemingly small, a few decades to open the actual difficult.

may Chinese commercial real estate is not to it, so now many street Deshang cost remains high, even worse is the fool type transfer fee. With a further decline in store efficiency, exhibition hall will make the community function entity shop structural demand, so the rent structural growth is still a trend which cannot be halted!

as for manpower, operations and other financial costs, the total amount is not large, but with the addition of a sale, the alarming rate! Coupled with the sale of no growth, operation and maintenance costs have always been a rigid rise, a little inattentive, single point is a loss! The entity store, not profit, scale is also very easy to play rascal!

3, change quickly

business community change, rely on a large number of social private property owners to sublet, transfer business and industry to achieve the replacement of commercial street, the content of total supply, one is.

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