New development of automotive industry in Chongqing to start the construction of energy vehicles

serious pollution of the environment, let our health much harm, in order to protect our environment, energy saving and emission reduction is not negligible, began using energy vehicles in the automotive field, effectively reduce vehicle exhaust emissions! Chongqing Economic Information Committee reported today: the national development and Reform Commission recently approved a wholly owned subsidiary of Jin Xin Kang Industrial Energy Automobile Company Limited pure electric vehicles in construction project.

Chongqing new development of the automotive industry, start the construction of energy vehicles, not only to accelerate the development of the local automotive industry, but also conducive to the protection of the local natural environment! This project is located in two rivers area fish complex industrial park, a total investment of 2 billion 500 million yuan, will form an annual output of 50 thousand units of pure electric passenger car production. The project is the country’s eighth approved pure electric passenger car project, but also the city’s first approved new energy passenger car independent production enterprise projects.

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