Jiuding incense to eat healthy diet chicken

is not stubborn, not just for the Chinese culture slow-witted a stick. In Chinese there are a lot of people are opposed to Chinese medicine, that is pure small is groundless statement, but Chinese, I recognized our Chinese medicine in china. Even traditional Chinese medicine is used in the diet on the one hand. As a "China Time-honored Brand" hundred years, "China four chicken" of the first, has a long history, rich in allusions, called "Chinese cultural delicacy", Jiuding sweet diet chicken delicious, eat when the inner and outer fragrance full fusion, the formation of a unique taste experience, from consumer recognition, National reputation.

is not a taste, Jiuding incense diet chicken wrapped in lotus leaf series products will have a hundred years of history for secret fillings, make full use of lotus leaf Pinggan lipid-lowering, antihypertensive effect of antipyretic, improvement of traditional technology, thin filling large, fragrant and delicious. The carnivorous products go rank is the nation’s premier, will not add nitrate, monosodium glutamate, flavor spices and other chemical additives, can make the carnivorous product regardless of hot food cool to eat are not only the smell of livestock and poultry, carnivorous original fragrance.

Jiuding incense diet chicken   health food to

Jiuding incense diet chicken is divided into medicinal products and health porridge grains products two categories, chicken products, duck products, pork products, beef products and sweet dishes, cold noodle series Jiuding and other series, dozens of varieties. Make your diet more reasonable, simple and not simple diet, to bring you delicious, convenient and healthy.

today, after 100 years of vicissitudes, Jiuding incense diet chicken company has grown in the name of earthquakes in Northeast, the famous modern food processing enterprises. The product will never add any additives, the real world is the civilized Chinese cuisine, the achievements of a hundred years of brand new glory!


above is just a brief introduction to the Jiuding fragrant diet chicken, if you are on the brand to join interested, please leave a comment below on our website to see the message after consultation, we will arrange for staff to contact you.

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