Youku founder Victor Koo is how to become the nternet upstart

and Youku potatoes Youku merger brings considerable income, have to say, the development of track Youku in Koo led on the great. The business process of Gu Yongqiang is considered to become a magical story of the China Internet Corporation.

2010 in December 8th, so far the most visited China video website landing the NYSE listing, its founder and CEO Gu Yongqiang sounded the bell on the day of listing. The same day, Youku closed at $33.44, an increase of $12.8 compared to the issue price of $161.25%. So far, Youku has become the United States stock market 5 years the highest increase in the stock market the day before, the big increase was a Baidu.

listed in January, Youku highest price reached $50, the market value was more than sina. As of January 6th, Youku market capitalization of $3 billion 900 million, $2 billion 490 million more than the old Internet Co Sohu, directly or indirectly holding 41.48% of the Koo worth $1 billion 600 million, has become the Internet upstart. While Koo is the Sohu, the former president and COO.

see Koo, in fifth days after the listing of the company. In the famous Shanghai Sinan mansion, Furunaga Ma was too busy to accept another wave of media reporters. In the interview, he put the official on-line only 4 years, so far since the loss of Youku listed touted, interpreted as the opportunity of China’s internet".

in one room on the wall, Gu Yongqiang saw his shot listed on the New York stock photos, ha ha laugh, "hung up."

2010 November 16th, Youku submitted to the U.S. stock exchange IPO application. A week earlier, rival Tudou also submitted a IPO application. Is the earliest China video website, is also Chinese second video site Youku first; it is more than a year on the line, but after 6 years of development, the 5 round of financing, still fell behind Youku listed in the United States that a key battle.

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