Selection of professional entrance Toudang professional popular on the earth which are really a head

great event has passed the college entrance examination once a year, the college entrance examination are arguably   you can totally relax it, may not be so easy, parents, the school will not let you go, seeing the entrance Toudang is about to begin, all picked out without professional. Just the end of the college entrance examination for graduates, college entrance examination Toudang selected professional is really a headache. Here’s looking at the world, look at the earth on which the most popular professional.

see merit from the international professional


in the Anglo American higher education is more developed in Australia, social sciences, business, law is the most professional talents of higher education, higher than 30%, while in Russia and Brazil reached more than 40%, more than 20% in Japan and South korea. In addition to the United States, the number of graduates such professional was relatively stable or still upward trend, indicating that the major international comparison with the current social development needs, welcome by the candidates, supply and demand booming, may continue to maintain a considerable heat.

and except Russia, about health care and welfare professional graduates occupy 15% of the market, and show stable or rising trend, which reflects the social trend, it is worth continuing concern, especially in China the major continued cold, and the future development of the talents demand stable and possible lack of.


and cold in the education of our country, in these countries are showing the proportion of more than 7% of the popular culture, especially in Brazil and the UK, with the future to further strengthen the teaching of higher education, scientific and international market, this kind of talent or have a better development opportunities. In the service class, the United States, Japan and South Korea have shown higher than 5% of the proportion of personnel training, and in most countries, the proportion of such personnel training. While training in science professionals, in addition to Japan more stable remained at around 3.1%, higher education in other countries the proportion of science training in more than 5%, while science is the foundation and source of the development of science and technology, can not be neglected. This table does not show the agronomy, except Japan the proportion of graduates can reach 2.6%, other countries, the proportion of graduates in 1% to 1.7%, compared to other professional, to maintain a relatively stable proportion.

see merit from the domestic professional

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