Novice toys store purchase notes

in the process of novice entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects selection is the key now, children’s toys industry market profit is relatively large, there are also some competition in the market, in such circumstances, people should be how to purchase? Have a good supply, in order to eventually succeed.

A, note

before purchaseTo do a specific planning and arrangements before the

1, to purchase, how many species, the number of all kinds of toys, there are grades, do detailed calculation in advance, must not be no purpose, no goal, no number, no high and low points, it would be a waste of limited funds.

2, to consider the seasonal trends and problems in the purchase plan, not blindly according to their personal preferences for toys unlimited play, to summarize, research, understand the customer demand trends.

3, pay attention to the style of their shops, is what route, the positioning of the consumer groups, age to be accurate, the overall style of the goods to be consistent, should not be lost in the purchase of the direction.

two, purchase notice in

The specific operation of

1, in the toy market purchase, first of all have their own ideas and basic orientation, avoid many toys goods lost, do not easily believe that wholesalers recommendedtoys, heard "good buy" blindly with goods, have their own ideas.

2, many toy samples will make you dazzling, so the purchase in the toy market in time can not be too long, about 2 hours or so, if the time is too long will lose the ability to distinguish, put a lot of "defective" back, I have no tears to cry.

We should pay attention to the comparison of toys style

3, purchase, a person’s eye after convergence, so to sum up, recall, comparison, when necessary, can invite some friends to go with love toys, because they are often very unique appreciation is also very professional.

4, the price is an important consideration, especially good toy supply price is certainly high, so to take into account the overall level of the shop, do not rush out. In short, the purchase, the size of the most important grasp.

three, purchase the note after

1, toy goods picked up, we must pay attention to carefully check whether there are quality problems, packaging problems. Don’t be careless, otherwise it’s a waste of time and energy to deal with problems after the fact.

2, before you want to pay, be sure to check the wholesale price of toys wholesale list is consistent, because sometimes the price is wrong, will lead to their own loss.

3, the purchase of their own list of good, the date of the purchase of toys and the number, the price are well arranged, so that their financial management.

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