Restaurant decoration design work how to do it

The reason why the

restaurant’s reputation lies not only has the characteristics of the services it provides are, but also because of the unique decoration design. In short, in the Chinese tea culture has a long history, a lot of people are affected by the Chinese tea culture is deep, so the restaurant decoration design should take into account the needs of users and the local cultural and psychological. Restaurant decoration design to create rich tea culture and artistic atmosphere, so that people can feel a relaxed in the tea process, to experience the purification of the soul and quiet. Restaurant decoration design should be how to do?

From the heart of

restaurant aesthetic design:

(1) restaurant decoration design should follow the natural beauty of

China’s landscape in many scenic spots too numerous to mention, in a large or small cafe or restaurant, rest for visitors to enjoy the scenery, tea. Teahouse almost with the natural landscape into one, or in the mountains, or in the lake, or in the quiet environment, or in the mountain fountain, or in the woods beside the stone, guests can linger in the tea experience a spiritual beauty of nature.

(2) restaurant decoration design should follow the architectural beauty of

Pavilion, Taiwan, floor, pavilion is an outstanding representative of ancient Chinese architecture, is an important part of the traditional national architectural art. Landscape architecture landscape is dotted with the pavilions, terraces and open halls, gardens add elegant color. Now, the main building design for many restaurants in Jiangnan classical garden, Liang Dong, eaves, windows and doors are carved with auspicious figures, birds and animals and flowers and plants, has a unique aesthetic taste and auspicious meaning and some carvings and paintings. There are some restaurants will be designed into the teahouse of antique buildings, gorgeous with beautiful simplicity, with vigorous, giving a simple and elegant beauty.

(3) restaurant decoration design should follow the style of the beauty of

China rhyme style restaurant, the hall has a mahogany table, table Fangdeng, marble table, ceiling hung with antique lanterns, wall embedded with a wall lamp, a desk with a simple and elegant tea Yixing. Chinese classical teahouse, tea hall room with marble top mahogany chairs, carved in the tea ceremony is Geshan, wall shelves are a kind of tea pot and kettle, hanging on the wall all kinds of calligraphy and painting.

If you press the

to analyze the cultural characteristics, the teahouse design is divided into traditional type, art type, compound type, fashion type and other types of

(1) traditional restaurant decoration design


traditional teahouse design is has a long history of cultural background or famous teahouse, they inherit the traditional cultural characteristics, and the use of historical or geographical advantages form > advantage

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