Mianyang two judge traced two people are already married to work.

recently have friends broke the news of Sichuan Mianyang two judges to work adultery, and drying out lots of information, detailed content. According to the related news, said in a news judge two people court officers, has been suspended for investigation.

user "wswd" released in the post disclosure, on Friday October 23, 2015 13, Tang Chuan A37*** with a high driving with the car to the hotel. And that Tang is very crafty, long time to work on Sichuan BGA7** family car to work, playing mahjong entertainment adultery on open Sichuan A37***.

the users in the post last angrily said, two people as the leading cadres to work in the hospital time does not work, do not send in the unit of work, more time playing mahjong, adultery, OK hall.

today at 11 in the morning, the reporter on the matter to the Mianyang City Intermediate People’s Court of the Political Department of the verification. Court staff said, the hospital has to pay close attention to the matter, the two party is the hospital police officers, deputy director of the Tang of high office, a Department filing tribunal. Tang also admitted that the man on the video screenshot is him, but denied the existence of improper relationship with a high. At present, the discipline inspection departments have been involved in the investigation, the relevant facts is under investigation, and that the court will be based on the situation in accordance with the law to seriously deal with them.

14 13, the reporter contacted the Tang, he recommended that the goal

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