White collar entrepreneurs to open the curtain to open the shop to achieve entrepreneurial dream

a lot of women have their own career dreams, entrepreneurship is the idea that we all have white-collar workers to start their own businesses, through the opening of the curtain shop to achieve their dreams. Xintang street in Jinjiang after the library community, many people know that there is a capable woman called Chen Hongying, we come to listen to her entrepreneurial story.

Chen Hongying curtain shop on the street after the community library. Store about 100 square meters, is rented last year. There are hundreds of styles of shop curtains, the basic can meet the needs of a variety of decoration styles.

Now is

2001 year old daughter’s birth, so that life becomes more distress. No one at home to help with the child, Chen Hongying thought, it is better to do their own curtains at home to sell, so the time is relatively free, perhaps will earn more. In 2002, she began to dare to do the road of entrepreneurship.

"not only to make the customer satisfied, and customers have to make friends." Such an idea, to help Chen

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