Looking for a partner to find a partner in the nine matters

The existence of

partners has been a lot of people’s attention, with the development of China’s economy, choose to find a partner who needs to pay attention to what? We all know that everybody has to eat, the food and beverage industry form a just, open a restaurant around us has become tall is the thing, whether teachers, students, civil servants, IT, financiers of so much into the catering industry, now all the chips, the partnership restaurant is already a very happy family. So how do the catering partnership not all.

looked at a group of catering enterprises like a flower blossoming, more flowers begin to copy the large number of boutique, Anxi heart. Only do the catering industry of the green, just want to study their professional depth deeper, more catering enterprises do better service, but also see a lot of brands catering business due to a serious split in entrepreneurial team, and thus feel helpless in regrets things, it seems only a sigh is not easy, those shoes difficult, now only become famous through the ages. Who is right and who is wrong who can really debate right!

is Chinese type partner since the hit, in all walks of life have copied partner concept, catering industry is more prominent, but the majority of the people in the restaurant "partnership" beyond count failure case, but very few people will this rule type fate, summarized, summary, but further in-depth analysis, so as to achieve a win-win situation, let the partner really achieve the dream of mutual benefit.

we passed the food industry experience and data from nine directions for food analysis, reference


whether meeting mode or sofa mode, or chat mode can be, as long as we persist in continuous communication, all the problems are on the table and said, how to solve, to discuss the way, never more than the problem, there must be a good treatment method. When there are conflicts to the depth of communication, think together development, to achieve the dream, dream big, the problem is small, the partners to firmly believe that this partner must have leadership, all the problems have a boss say, other recommended

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