Promotions also need innovation

although on the double eleven, still has a very large number, however, in fact, many people understand that this year’s double eleven looks not so hot, which is the passion of people gradually consumed. In fact, the same store promotions, if it has always been the same promotion, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers.

in fact, the form of promotion should be diverse, and should not be limited to a. For example, in the promotion of cigarettes, I do. I make use of a special day to make a cigarette smoking day for the customers who buy cigarettes. On this day, I will take out some cigarettes for my customers. And also engage in some activities, let the customer guessing and other activities.

I will

cigarettes mixed together, and then let the customer blindfolded, then identify, guess you can get my reward, this move attracted customers, customers have been involved in. Everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized. Not only to allow customers to feel my frank, but also let them have a good impression of our supermarket. Although I put some, but it is also a customer feedback.

for customers, we can’t just think about making money, but we should do some of these activities properly. This activity has been highly recognized and evaluated by our customers. After listening to some customers, have rushed to come over, although the event is over. But it has left us a good reputation and a good reputation, and we can attract more customers.

in addition, in terms of promotion, for cigarettes this commodity, we can also give those big customers points or send shopping cards, etc.. There are two large customers in our supermarket, the customer is the leader of the company, the annual festival for employees to smoke. And I don’t know how to express my gratitude, so I can only use the way to send the card, so that touched them. So we have a supermarket to win a greater surprise.

if the promotion can not innovation, once it is two times, so, three times or so, this is for customers, no one new, this did not catch up, next to it, and the shop to carry out promotional activities is very time-consuming, no customers buy it, is undoubtedly a a loss. So, want to promote good results, naturally also need to be innovative.

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